Champ Backers Caricatures #1- Malcolm Harris

Malcolm Harris by Samax Amen. ballpoint pen on paper

At about 11:00 am I posted a status update that if the Champion of Children Kickstarter campaign reached its goal by 1:30 pm, I would draw a caricature of all the backers. Then (of course) I took a nap. When I woke up (around 2 pm) the campaign was at 109%... Since that's more than 100% (I did the math), I have set about the herculean task of doing the caricatures starting with this handsome gent, Malcolm Harris. As it turns out, Malcolm has a Kickstarter joint going for his graphic novel series Princess Lucinda, which you can check out here.
This is a list of the first 20 backers. Since (for some reason) Kickstarter only updates the list every ten backers, I will draw the first 30 backers, even though only 23 were on in time, just to be thorough. What does this mean for you? If you want to get a free caricature by me (who doesn't?!?) you need to try to get into that first 30, player!

If you're on this list, thanks for backing the Champ! If you haven't already, friend me on Facebook, 'cause any friend of the Champ is a friend of mine!

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