signed "Miraculous" prints.

"Miraculous" by samax.
now that i have a little break from conventioneering, i'm making available these signed prints of "Miraculous"...

Miraculous is a drawing that illustrates my view of Love and Spirituality . it speaks of, and to, the longing for a relationship that is "right" in every sense of the word... like many of my "sweetheart" drawings, it's a wish, a prayer... a drawing done with one set of fingers holding the pencil, and the other set crossed behind my back (figuratively speaking, of course!). i'm one of those folks that STILL believes in God, Love, and Angels, and that they usually work in unison... and sometimes, in pieces like this one, it shows in my work.

the prints are standard 8 1/2 x 11 (so they're easy to frame), and hand-signed by the artist (that's me!) you can cop one for just $25, with free shipping!

peace, Love, etc.
p.s. you can buy other print items with this image in the Store...


Kelsey said...

This is a beautiful illo, partner. Great composistion!

samax said...

thanks, Kelsey!

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