back in effect (how's that?)

this picture is here for no particular reason, except President Obama is the coolest man alive!
i had a wild and wooley weekend. on Saturday, I was fortunate enough to participate in Underground: Dallas' Hidden Talents, the gallery show/art event/hipster party by the fine folks at ArtLoveMagic. it was easily the most heavily-attended art show i've ever been involved with. my mom, two sisters, best friend, three nephews, wife, daughter, and many of my area mySpace and Facebook peoples were all in attendance. this one show tripled the subscribers to ghettoManga Quarterly, and i sold a ton of prints and comics... a great time was had by all... except Dexter, my laptop, which crashed on Sunday. so the last few days i've been scrambling to get a replacement machine and the programs i need to do my work.
as a result, i missed a few blogging days, but i'm back now.


Serena W. said...

Oh yeah I remember the fatal crash. It was as if the gallery went silent!

samax said...

Alas, poor Dexter...

it's been a pain in the butt getting things back together. hopefully, my computing powers will be back to full strength soon!

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