Need a quick gift for an artsy type? This 11x17 print of my drawing "Daydreamer" is a great deal!

Daydreamer by Samax Amen. 11 x 17 print. $9.99 on Cafe Press

Although it has fallen somewhat in my monthly and quarterly sales rankings, Daydreamer (which I first printed waaay back in 1999) is still my highest selling image all-time. I sell at least one copy at every art show or convention, and it's still in the top five in online sales.

For the bargain hunters, CLICK HERE to order this high quality 11x17 print, on glossy, 12 point paper on CafePress for just ten bucks! You'll never get it direct from me that cheap, but it's cool. I know y'all got bills, too. Ha ha! 
Use the paypal button below and cop a signed print for Twenty bucks.


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