Here's some Custom Greeting Cards I drew recently (in case you missed them)

Like a Boss greeting card art by Samax

This fall I worked a temp assignment at Dallas-based greeting card company CardsDirect, where I did graphic design and customer service for on-demand card orders. My reputation as a talented designer with a particular attention to detail got me selected to support the Outbound Sales team on the large orders.
Anyways, I didn't do much drawing at that job, but when it was time to surprise our supervisor John with a card for Boss's Day (yes, that's a thing), I banged this drawing above out for the front.

The card we made for John was a big hit in the office, eventually getting around to the lady who interviewed, and eventually hired me. Cynthia and James loved it enough to get their own custom card illustration. Cynthia is a trainer and customer service supervisor, and her husband James is an IT manager or something at the company. They commissioned me to design their Christmas Cards this year. This is what I came up with.  Yes, they really did want an Octopus in their Christmas Cards this year. That's the power of customization, right? CLICK HERE if you want to commission some Custom Greeting Card designs yourself.
Great way to promote special occasions, events, etc. as well as for holidays.

Anyways, I hope you like the art!

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