[SOLD!]- "Family Reunion (Jesus 12 Years Old)" by Samax Amen

Family Reunion (Jesus 12 Years Old) by Samax Amen [SOLD!]

This painting is from a story in the Biblical book of Luke. At a family reunion type situation, L'il Jesus wanders off from the rest of the fam. Once his parents realize he is missing, they frantically search for him, eventually finding him at the temple, kicking it with the priests.

"'Why were you searching for me?' he asked. 'Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house?'" (Luke 2:49)

When I relate this story to gallery owners and art patrons, they always think i made it up, but I promise, it's in the Bible...

Anyways, the border at the bottom is meant to indicate that this is a Polaroid pic snapped by Jesus' folks when they found him. My Jesus paintings and drawings sought to see Jesus as he would be seen through a contemporary lense. It's interesting to me now, because if I painted this subject now, it would be a Facebook photo. In retrospect, I think it reveals my subconscious infatuation with reproductions that lead me away from painting to primarily work in comics and illustration, where the printed item, projected image or screen image is the real product, not-so-much the original artwork.
To that end, in addition to selling the original piece Family Reunion (Jesus 12 Years Old) is 4 feet wide by 2 feet, acrylic on canvas. for the discounted price $150 (includes domestic shipping) [SOLD!], I have small photo prints starting at $7 (includes shipping).

Prices include shipping


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