Watercolors for Sale: "The Samson Series" by Samax Amen

I painted a series of watercolors in college starring the Old Testament action hero from the Biblical Book of Judges, Samson. The Announcement (above) portrays Samson's mother (on the left) who is told by an angel that she is going to give birth to the long-haired ass-kicker.  Peep more below...

Prices include domestic shipping

There is one more painting in the series called My Hair Has Never Been Cut featuring Samson lounging at the crib with the original Femme Fatale, Delilah. I'll try to get a photo of it (SOLD! Click Here to see that one).  Anyways, these paintings are always popular at shows, sparking lots of conversations and getting people to ask me about commissioning new work, but no one ever buys them. I'm thinking maybe I charge too much, so since I'm moving, I'll price them at just $150 each (includes domestic shipping). If you're really feeling them, you can cop the whole set of 6 pieces for $450. I don't have any prints of these (except for Bachelor Party), so get in where you fit in.

Prices include domestic shipping

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