I draw stuff like this when I'm stressed...


One of my Daily Sketches subscribers asked me what I do to stay level in unbalanced times... 
Wired (Amen) by Samax Amen
ballpoint pen on notebook paper
6x9 inches
1) Sketchbook therapy- I draw, and draw, and draw.  Drawing can be very cathartic, even when I'm not drawing specifically about the issues that are bothering me. Of course, I also bring a lot of symbols and metaphors into my art, so not everything is what it seems in my sketchbook stuff.

2) Journaling- I also journal in notebooks like this one (obviously, I draw in it too).  I think it's important (especially in the social media era) to write down and read back my own thoughts.  I write down plans for the day, and sometimes I log what I am doing and thinking at different times of the day.  It's very useful to be able to go back and try to understand what I was thinking and feeling in the past.
3) Keep On Bookin'- I also read a lot of books and listen to audiobooks.  When I drew this, I was listening to an inspirational book called You² on YouTube (I am not sure how I feel about You², but that's not the point).

The thing about books, audiobooks, etc is that they take the place of having people to mentor me. 

When I was young, I was always looking for mentors, but I have learned that sometimes, you have to settle for self-serve mentorship and peer-to-peer support.

4) Meditation- I know, I know... for me, the purpose of meditation is not transcendentalism, or even religious.  It's just a way to get in touch with myself so I can differentiate between thinking and feeling.  One of my mentors says the first important step is to "notice what you are noticing" about yourself. 

Noticing without judging is an important part of choosing which of your thoughts and feelings you want to follow, instead of being a slave to triggers coming from the outside world.

A very nifty skill when the news and social media are dominated by unrest and tribalism. 
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Be safe out there!
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