mySpace Sketchbook

i've been drawing a lot lately... for those who don't check it regularly, i'd say the mySpace sketchbook section has probably tripled in size since you saw it last! right now it's up to 114 drawings, i think... and i'll probably upload more sketches tomorrow.
recent developments in my life have really made me think about the future... i've been doing more and more freelance work, and looking for ways to REALLY crank things up in 2008... as a result,
i can't stop thinking, so that means i also can't stop drawing!
there's a variety of stuff in the sketchbook... i edited very little. some sketches are comics ideas, wips (works in progress), concept sketches for clients, or just free association doodles from work.
thanks for all the comments... as always, i welcome more!
(money doesn't suck either!)

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