meet me at Cape, may 3rd in Dallas

the comic book industry has branded the first saturday in May as "Free Comic Book Day", best observed in the city of Dallas at CAPE, the comics and pop-culture expo. CAPE 4 (peep takes place on Saturday May 3rd at Craddock Park from 10am-6pm in the heart of Dallas. This festival of comic and comic art includes more than 80 comic book writers and artists for a free afternoon in the park. With several thousand attendees and over seven thousand free comics, CAPE has grown to be the world's largest Free Comic Book Day event.

"It's an incredible honor for my hometown to recognize my work and the work of my peers while we reach out to the community for CAPE," said Scott Kurtz, CAPE host and creator of the web strip PVP, which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at CAPE. The marriage of the two prominent PVP characters will be marked at the event by a wedding guest's registry book. "I would like to invite all of my fans and the CAPE attendees to sign the guest book for Brent and Jade," said Kurtz.

This year's list of CAPE guest comic book artists and writers includes new additions Daniel Way, (Wolverine Origins and Ghost Rider) and Andy Kuhn (Firebreather and Marvel Team-Up). They join industry giants Mark Waid, Chynna Clugston, Robert Kirkman, Greg Pak, Jason Pearson, Gail Simone and David Mack. With over 80 guests, CAPE! just keeps getting bigger and bigger! i'll definitely be there this year, peddling my new book, Spontaneous. mention this blog and i'll hook you up with a free sketch! For a complete list of guests and to view the proclamation go to or call Zeus comics at 214-219-TOYS.

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