there is a Sole Survivor, and he is Miraculously Unharmed...

so for those who don't know me personally, i work at a call center (because freelance art is a wee bit unstable) four nights a week, on the graveyard shift. since i got married last year, i live pretty far away from work, requiring a 45 minute commute. well, on the way home this morning, i fell asleep at the wheel and woke up with a face full of federally-required airbag, surrounded by twisted metal that usedta be my Neon. i pulled myself out of the smashed up window, and walked out of the cloud of dust to see an off-duty fireman who had stopped to help me. the shock on his face looking at my car made me feel like i had to calm him down...
"it's okay, dog... i'm a'ight..."
soon i was surrounded by cops and EMT fussing over me and the car, repeatedly telling me what i already knew: I was damn lucky to be Alive. as i sat in the ambulance letting them check me over, i couldn't help thinking of M. Night Shyamalan's instant-classic Unbreakable, because that's the kinda guy i am...
Unbreakable (2000) Starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson

so anyways, i'm okay. i got tons of stuff i wanna do with my life, and i'm even more resolved to get it all done!

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