Hard at Work

this panel is from page 37 of the book i'm working on, but i'm actually up to page 45. i posted this panel because it took me a real long time to draw it and i was so happy with it that people should see it!
so last friday, i actually took an evening off to go to the ArtLLoveMagic show because my best friend came to town to help with the show. my work wasn't in the show this time, but i really enjoyed it anyways. One of my favorite emcees (Playdough of deepspace 5) was there, and did a good set. i'm always working and my daughter is growing in front of my eyes... life isn't perfect (i actually missed the DeepSpace 5 show at the same venue last night... sad face), but i'm loving it! anyways, i gotta get back to work...
be easy,

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