Marley's Favorite Video

Papa Moco Jumbie by Noggin
like all the babies i've ever been around, my daughter Marley loves music. her favorite video right now is Papa Moco Jumbie which they play periodically on Noggin. not enough for me and my wife's tastes (watching this little brown boy praise his daddy's job makes us almost as giggly as it does Marley), so i went and found it on youTube (after recording it on the DVR, of course). Papa Moco Jumbie is about a little boy who wants to be just like his dad, a Moco Jumbie (one of those guys on stilts at Carnival). obviously, Marley has no knowledge of her race, culture or any of that... she just loves dancing and singing along! but i'm glad to be able to have her dance and sing to this!



o f l o d a said...

Ha Ha! Can't believe I missed this. Cute. ^-^

Samax said...


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