Couple New 30 minute joints: Batman Beyond and Magneto

Batman Beyond (30 minutes) by Samax Amen
Been slacking on the Daily Sketch Challenge while I finish up work on my magazine... but then they dropped Batman Beyond as the topic and I HAD to get down with it! LOL!

It is well known that Batman The Animated Series is one of my favorite things ever, and Batman Beyond is worthy of being canonized right along with it. I didn't watch it from the start, because I was totally against the idea of a replacement Batman who never paid dues as robin, but then I watched an episode and was instantly hooked...

Magneto (30 minutes) by Samax Amen
I can't think of a super-villain who goes through more changes than Magneto. I feel like I did a decent job drawing him, even if the pose is kinda basic. hope you can enjoy it anyways!
(to peep more 30 minute joints, just click here)


Nathanael Lark said...

Great job on both of these, man! I'm really digging this style. The spotlight on Batman is a nice touch and I really like the subtle textures that you added to Magneto. Well done!

Samax said...

thanks, Nathanael!

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