Sweet Music...

yeah, so I had a blast at the Retro Vinyl and Music Art Fair yesterday, where I was surrounded by dope music, teeshirt designers, and Deejays

the event was put together by deejay, producer and art enthusiast 5-D, who took the the opportunity to spin lots of classic breaks and samples including Holy Are You by the Electric Prunes (a song sample by Quasimoto and the mighty Rakim), which I adore! I ran into my dude Rerog (pronounced REE rodge), who my long-term people will remember deejayed the release party for the Ghostwerks books, as well as being down with the Necessary Essentials hiphop/art massive I ran with in college. Looks like I will be collaborating with Rog on some future stuff, so keep an eye out.
I also spent some time building with DJ EZ Eddie D of KNON (a true champion of hip hop culture in these parts), who invited me to come onto his radio show, so I will definitely be doing that soon. I was just generally pleased to meet some really cool people who I will be talking about more on my hiphop/comics/art blog GhettoManga over the next few days. Mad art,  teeshirts, and deejays. A really fun show altogether!
Thanks again to 5-D for having me out.

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