Samax on ArtLoveMagic Radio

For those who don't know, my dude Michael Lagocki is one of the founders of local art collective ArtLoveMagic, and has recently started doing a radio show designed to shed light on the local art and music scene in Dallas. Because we're friends and stuff, Mike has been trying to get me on the show for some time, and eventually he got me into the studio...

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Mike and I have been friends since the mid-nineties, so I hope my segment doesn't come off as just two dudes rambling, but we just tried to have a info-filled conversation. Maybe we said something that raised a question... I'm happy to discuss anything with you in the comments or via email or twitter.
I did manage to pitch the new issue of my magazine GhettoManga Quarterly, which you can pre-order or subscribe to now...  The new issue is dedicated to Marvel Comics' blaxploitation holdover, the mighty Luke Cage. click here to order from the GhettoManga store. I posted a couple Phonetetic Composition tracks off their first allbum PC Tools over on the GhettoManga blog this morning, so click here to check that out.

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