What a week...

This was a week full of ups and downs that started on an up note: 
A fan I recently met at a convention emailed me last week because he wanted me to meet with his nephew BJ (seen here), who is a bright young artist. They came over on Sunday, and the three of us talked about hip hop, religion, Boondocks, and pretty much everything else worth talking about. I always enjoy discussing the challenges and rewards of being an artist, and it was especially flattering to have someone admire what I do and stand for enough to arrange the meeting.
Like I said, a great start to my week. Then I went to work on Monday. At my job, we have the option to work one day per week at home. I usually work at home on Wednesdays, but on Monday I found out that my entire team would be working at home on Fridays. Pretty cool, I thought. Unfortunately, my computer crashed on Wednesday, so I would have to work in the office since I wouldn't have access to a good computer at home. Not only that, but I would be especially limited in my ability to run my blogs and stuff. Boo... Even worse, the crash puts a couple freelance projects I'm working on in limbo until my computer problems are resolved.
Not being one to whine or wallow, I took the opportunity to head out to the 24 hr Post Office and mail some packages (namely the huge pile of envelopes containing copies of my magazine GhettoManga Quarterly that were waiting to find their new homes). That went well, so subscribers and others who ordered the Luke Cage tribute issue will start getting them soon.Even with my computer down, I check my email every day, so place your orders for the Luke Cage tribute issue (aka the Sweet Christmas Special), because I have a few more copies in stock and of course it's always available through Indyplanet...  I'm not ready to announce the theme of the next issue yet, but it's gonna be pretty cool, too.

So anyways, my team at work went out bowling as a team-building excercise at a fancy-shmansy bowling alley in Dallas. I'm not much of a bowler, but I really enjoy playing, especially on the boss's dime. I got excited when I hit back to back strikes in the last game and kept trying to throw the ball harder and harder, until I tweaked my left knee. It didn't hurt that much, but I knew from experience that it would hurt more the next day. When I woke up Friday morning, I was limping around like pegleg pete or something, so I called in sick, which of course wouldn't have been necessary had I been able to work at home. Good grief...
So I'm taking it easy this weekend as I expect my sisters to visit on Saturday. I also plan to take my computer to the nearest computer geeks-for-hire so hopefully my computer issues can be resolved cheaply.
Fingers crossed...

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