Currently my 3 Top-earning designs @CafePress

I feel like I have the talent to be a decent tee shirt artist... I wouldn't say that I'm there yet, but I try. Over the last three months, I haven't had time to submit any new designs to my Cafe Press shop, but some of my old designs are performing well for me...

 I guess it's a summertime thing? For whatever reason, this "Who's Your Daddy Apron" I made on a whim many years ago has started selling well. Nothing special design-wise, but people are buying them for some reason! 

Buffallo Soul is one of the "Old Faithful" types that pops up on every order report. More than any other consistent entry, this one makes sense to me. I worked really hard on it and it has historical significance, so there's no surprise when people order products with this image. I think the "Buffalo Soul Light T-Shirt" in ash gray or natural is the best deal, even though I offer it on the thin "Value" Tees for almost 50% less. I see both of them sell, so I guess the people like 'em both!
That said, right now nothing is coming close to competing with my dog! Yeah, my #1 selling design for the last three months (and I mean BY FAR) is based on a doodle I drew of my dog back when I worked in a call-center. I made a "my big sister is a Cockerspaniel onsie" before Marley was born (and a matching "My first baby is a cockerspaniel" tee for her mom), and it apparently resonated with cockerspaniel owners in the US, Canada and Australia.  Since then I have sold Onesies, Baby blankets, and Toddler teeshirts with the drawing on it. In fact, they have sold themselves, since it was the CafePress that generated all those orders. They are great for baby showers (so if you know a cockerspaniel owner who's expecting, this will get you some props!

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