A Spirit Juice Christmas

I did this for indie director Danny Hidalgo of the mighty Spirit Juice Studios. Danny wanted to make some prints for the kids he featured in the Super Mario Brother's themed video he directed for Heath McNease and For Beat's Sake's  Kain't Moov Nuthin'.
Kain't Moov Nuthin' by Samax Amen

In case you're wondering, this song is off Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape, which has provided me with hours of easy listening or whatever...

Anyways, Danny also commissioned me to draw another piece featuring him 'longside his Spirit Juice partners Kyle Escamilla and Rob Kaczmark (shown here holding their prints!). Danny was very easy to work for. He contacted me after seeing the artwork I did for Heath and Playdough on the Wed, White and Wu mixtape, and really trusted me to deliver, which I appreciated.
 You can check out some process art and the finished piece here. I'm glad everyone is pleased with the work. Merry Christmas, everyone!
peace, love, etc.

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