ChampBackers caricature #8- Jamel Jones

Champion of Children Volume 1: I'm Known as the Champ will go to print soon, and will start landing in readers' hands in a few weeks or so. It wouldn't be possible without people like Jamel Jones...

ChampBackers #8- Jamel Jones by Samax Amen
Jamel Jones is a local artist here in the Dallas area, I run into him frequently (that is, when I drag myself away from the house) and I'm always impressed with his vibrant personality and his talent. Like all the backers of the Champion of Children Kickstarter campaign, Jamel certainly earned my gratitude. Since he was one of the first 30 backers, he also earned this free caricature.

I drew this with a water based brush pen on computer paper. The original drawing is actually light blue, but I scanned it in and made it black with Photoshop.
Hope y'all like it!

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