Get a FREE copy of BLACK COMIX when you join my fan club!

Get a copy of BLACK COMIX free with your paid membership! (While supplies last of course!)

The SAMAX AMEN FAN CLUB is a network of my best fans who get access to stuff other fans don't get. I couldn't possibly do what I do without a strong network, so I love my fans and I'm willing to make sure you stay hooked up!

Here's what you get as a member of my fan club:

  1. EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION SCREEN PRINTED T-SHIRT- I'll  screen-print an EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION tee, strictly for myself and Club members, once a year. These shirts will NEVER be reprinted... and you will get each one that comes out for as long as you're a member.

  2. (at least) One Hardcover Collection or Graphic Novel per year- Each year, I'll print a limited edition hardcover book collecting work by me and people I am collaborating with. You'll get a copy of that book (or another book if there is a hardcover with my work from another publisher) for each year that your membership is valid. This year, you can choose to receive either a copy of the  Black Comix Hardcover (while supplies last) or my previous book Spontaneous in full-color hardcover.

  3. FREE DIGITAL COPIES OF EVERY BOOK I PUBLISH DURING YOUR MEMBERSHIP- Anytime I publish a new artbook, issue of Champion of Children, or any other book, magazine, comic, trade, ebook or whatever, you will get a digital copy 100% FREE.

  4. 99 cent DOWNLOADS OF PREVIOUS COMICS, BOOKS, ETC.- Yep. You'll get a coupon code that allows you to download ANY book I have published in the past for just a buck each, when they become available.

     love my peeps... so you'll get a greeting card with art by me (or one
    of my friends who is equally dope) at Christmas, Valentine's Day and at
    least two other times a year, as long as you are a member.

     that knows me will tell you: I like to share. So from time to time I
    will just send you free stuff. Prints. Comics. Postcards. Free
    Downloads. Stuff like that. You'll also get discounts on everything I
    make when I can't afford to just GIVE it to you...

  7. ACCESS TO TUTORIALS AND TEACHING PRODUCTS- I like to share things I learn. I do workshops and stuff, and will give you access to free tutorials and workbook products I make WAY before everyone else. I'll even make myself available for private lessons and critiques for members whenever I can!

To join, you can choose to pay a yearly fee of $40, or pay $5 a month via the paypal button below!

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