Peep these pages I drew on my cintiq...

Here's some pages from a 9-page comic I'm working on for a client...

This project (like most of my comics projects) was very slow-going at first. I bought my Cintiq after I was contracted to do this, so I decided I wanted to do the comic all digital. I must say I'm pretty happy with these.
I have made comics digitally and traditionally (on bristol board with pencil and ink) and in many combinations of the two. I won't claim that these pages represent the fastest work I have ever done, but when I get in the zone (it happens), it is definitely the most fluid method I've ever used. No scanning, no cleaning pages and piecing separate drawings together. Working on my Cintiq, I'm able to combine the pure drawing skills I've piled up over the decades with the digital tricks I've learned over the last few years.  

Anyways, I will be coloring and lettering these pages too, and there's 5 pages to go, so stay tuned for that.

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