"Kim & Mike: A One Page Love Story" by @SamaxAmen

Got a call from a former co-worker who wanted to hire me to draw a one page comic as a gift for her boyfriend, summarizing their relationship. It was an idea that was way too cute to pass up...

Kim & Mike: A One Page Love Story by +Samax Amen
I should point out that Kim sent me enough information to do a 200 page graphic novel. But that was not in the budget, so thankfully, she was able to narrow it down to six panels. I really enjoyed working on this. Even though I do portraits all the time, it was hard to try to get the likenesses right so many times. Kim sent lots of pics, but people very rarely take the kinds of pictures of themselves that you need to do this kind of project. We all ham it up and wear fake expressions when we know we are being photographed, which makes it hard to get the genuine emotion I'm looking for, and I'm always afraid the "acting" will feel too plastic. Still, Kim was pleased when she saw the expressions I cooked up, and I am pretty happy with how the piece came out overall. It was fun.
Where I'm at emotionally and professionally, it was good to work on something so sweet and personal. It also helped that it was just one page.
So, in case you're wondering, I drew this all digitally with my cintiq. Initially, Kim wanted a poster version to give as a gift, but I talked her into a 16 x 20 canvas print. So after the piece was done, I had it printed at a local photo place and she went in and picked it up.
I think she will be giving it to her man today, so I hope he likes it! If she sends any pictures of the printed piece, I will post them so my beloved fans can see how it came out.

So there you go. Another happy customer! (((airhorn)))


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