New 30 Minute (or so) joint "Unconquerable" by @SamaxAmen

Unconquerable by Samax Amen

So this 30 minute sketch turned into a 90 minute sketch, but I'm okay with that, since the client was the first to jump onto my 30 Minute Sketch Sale. This one was commissioned by Gerald Boney, the dude behind fantasy action hero comic Myth Smith. This is Gerald's character Makeba the Unconquerable, and without knowing much about her, I love her already.
I haven't had much time to draw lately, so this 30 Minute Sketch thing is giving me a good excuse to steal some time at the drawing board! CLICK HERE if you want to purchase a 30 Minute Sketch!

PS--- REMEMBER: If you're in my Fan Club, you can get TWO drawings for the price of one, OR you can choose to get a 1 Hour Drawing instead! Thanks again!

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