30 Minute (or so) Drawing- "THRUST" by @SamaxAmen

Kurt Christenson of Kings County Comics recently commissioned me to draw his character Thrust. Okay, so I drew this today while binge watching the 6th season of Adventure Time, so I'm not sure exactly how much drawing time I put into it... but it was something like 45-50 minutes.

All my friends have heard me use the phrase "I think in black and white" at least once. Because it's true. I'm much more comfortable working in black and white, so I can crank out this kind of drawing pretty fast. I did this one in Photoshop CS3 with my Cintiq. I wanted him to have a semi-legit martial arts pose, so I referenced an old beat up copy of Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu by Yang Jwing-Ming and Jeffery A. Bolt that I've been toting around for years.Yes. I am that big of a dork about drawing.
Let's move on...

For me, color is an afterthought. Lots of dudes go super hard on colors, but I generally keep it mad simple. I copied the color scheme of his costume from one of the reference drawings Kurt gave me. I added a messy filtered texture on top instead of coloring the background, which I felt would be too risky for a drawing that's supposed to be fast.
That tied it together okay, I think. I like the black and white better myself, but that's just me. Kurt dug it.

Anyways, If you want to commission me to draw your fave character, you might check my 30 Minute Drawing Sale before I come to my senses and cancel it.
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