Wanna be a hero? Check out these superhero themed Cartoon Portraits, then order yours!

 In case you missed them, here's a couple Cartoon Portraits I did for my friend Chandra, who wanted pictures of herself and her daughter Stella as superheroes. Chandra had hired me before to draw Stella and her husband James as a gift, so I was excited to get to draw Chandra this time! I bought some new Pitt Artist Pens for this, including a couple brush pens.  Very pleased with how they turned out!

These were a ton of fun to do. Besides the fact that Chandra and Stella sound like superhero names already, It's SO much fun drawing superheroes, even in this context! Stella was especially fun to draw. I felt like she was going to LEAP off the page! I'm always so thankful for the opportunity to get paid to draw!

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