Happy Father's Day

It's been a rough few months.  Prince is gone. Ali is gone. Maybe you lost someone you actually know. Someone who knew you. Maybe you just lost a relationship, a friendship, or a job... But maybe it feels like death to you in your heart.

A rough few months.

Nevertheless, life is good.  I drew this yesterday, because I love my sweetpea, and she loves me.  She has been at her grandma's out in West Texas, but she will be here for our 8th Father's Day together.  We won't do anything unusual.  Pro'lly visit the local old-school pizza/arcade joint. Maybe watch a cartoon or something.  But we will be together, so it will be awesome...

Love to those whose fathers have gone on, and more love still to Dads who have had to preside over the loss of their own children.  For those among us in one of those groups, today is a day to remember what a blessing our loved ones were to us in life, and what a blessing their memory remains to us.

Anyways, peace to all the Fathers out there, physical, spiritual and whatever else-ual. I'm proud to be among your number. 


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