"Journaling Advice" by Madelyn Washington + Samax Amen

In Our Own Voices, Redux is a series of essays by librarians, about librarianship. One of the contributors is Madelyn Washington, a paid member of my fan club AMENsiders.  Instead of the usual chart or graph to enhance her entry, Madelyn contacted me to help her make a one page comic.

After a Facebook Messenger video call, Madelyn sent me some screencaps of her Facebook conversation, a pic of the other person, and I used it to create this comic page about her journaling practice.

In Our Own Voices, Redux is out now, so my comic book art has been published (again) in another place that is not the comic book industry.  Whether it is traditional comic book format, three panel comic strips, or some other format, I love drawing comics.  I always try to encourage other artists that there are more ways to get paid to make comics than just working in the mainstream comics industry.
Just be as creative about seeking work as you are about making it.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.
If you want to see more of the comics I am working on (or even make some with me), CLICK HERE to subscribe to Samax's Sunday Funnies.

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