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Hey fam,

Everybody's having a good time laughing at President Trump's bragging on his cognitive test like it was proof that he had ESP or something.  Particularly his infatuation with five words on the test. 

Because no one really likes looking at President Trump, you can watch Sarah Cooper lip-syncing it instead.
Sarah Cooper
How To Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV
So anyways, I made a thing.
Are You Ready To Comply?  © 2020+ Samax Amen
Adobe Photoshop
I've been operating under the assumption that Trump is a weak-minded narcissist who has fallen under the thrall of Putin. Trump's primary mission is to destabilize America's institutions.

The way he talks makes me think he uses (or tries to use) hypnosis on himself and his followers.

Every time I watch the clip of him saying these five words, it reminds me of  the brainwashing in The Manchurian Candidate and Winter Soldier.


Are you ready to comply?
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