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The new issue of Sunday Comics is here!

Hey, fam!

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I've been keeping busy lately with client work, as well as making new stuff for you.
  • MAKING COMIGS- BiGS Comps & The Brother teaser
  • Download & Printable Images
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  • My Freelancing Book is ON SALE
Getting free stuff in the mail never gets old.

The fine folks at Upchuck Comics sent me some copies of the first few issues of BiGS, including the third issue, which was drawn by me!
BiGS #3, cover art and color by Samax Amen
Adobe Photoshop + Cintiq
BiGs takes place in the near future, where environmental change has caused a mutation in a segment of the population who grow to 2 or 3 times the size of regular humans.  It's a roller coaster ride that manages to address the ways that climate change, the petroleum industrial complex, and the nightmare that is American healthcare and big pharma disproportionately effect marginalized populations. 

You know, when the marginalized populace averages ten to twelve feet in height.
The first two issues of BiGS have art by my good friend (and one fifth of the mighty GhostWerks crew) Khalid "Steelo" Robertson.  I did artwork on issue three, and we split the art chores on the fourth issue, which is almost finished.
The Brother: Run, Alonzo, Run
Yeah... So in other news, the story of Jay Kelley's messianic African time-traveler continues to unfold. After being on the back burner's waiting list for years, I am working on The Brother: Run Alonzo, Run on a weekly basis. 

Here's a panel I shared on the GhettoManga Facebook page last week.   
This short story (many years in the making) will be completed this year. 

That's as close as I can forecast it right now.

Anyways, I don't wanna give away too much, but feel free to click here for some of my blog posts about The Brother on GhettoManga.
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Download & Printable Images
Last month I took a class on printables, and decided to offer artwork as affordable high resolution digital files that my customers can download and print at home or at the local print shop. 

(For personal, non-commercial use only. If you want to license my artwork, let's chat about it and see what we can work out)

Click the button of the piece you want to pay via Paypal.  Once you're done, you'll be directed to a google drive folder with the files you purchased, in multiple sizes.
AMEN (Thinking of You).© 2020+ Samax Amen
Download AMEN (Thinking of You) $7
Be Responsible (Bundle).© 2020+ Samax Amen
This one is two designs in one bundle!  Enjoy!
Download "Be Responsible" Bundle $10
It's Her © 2020+ Samax Amen
Download "It's Her" $7
May Your Feet Take You © 2020+ Samax Amen
Download "May Your Feet Take You" $7
Life Is Happening Now © 2020+ Samax Amen
(Color & Black + White, multiple sizes)
Download "Life is Happening Now" $7
Challenge Accepted © 2020+ Samax Amen
Download "Challenge Accepted" $7
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Thanks again for reading, and let's have a great week!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen
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