Unicorn Tee by Samax Amen. Modeled by Sarafina, PhD #nerdyChicksAreHawt

I have been trying to nurture a bad mood, but every time I do, something awesome happens. My wife was indifferent to my obsessing over a possible new printer for my magazine, which really made me mad (it's okay. My wife doesn't care when I get mad, so no harm done). But before I could get up a good steam about it, the homie Sarafina sends me a couple twitpics showing her rocking my Untamed Woman's Cap Sleeve Tee that she got in the mail today. Woo-HOO!

In case you don't know Sara personally, she's a PhD candidate, Legend of Korra devotee, and She-Hulk in waiting. In other words, she rocks.  She is also just the sort of lady I expected to dig the Untamed joints. The sales pitch reads:
Feeling rebellious, illusive or just plain unapproachable and awesome? Then ROCK this, cause you are SO getting your Unicorn on right now!
That's Sara to a tee! If she is wearing this shirt when she tears down your racist, sexist system and rebuilds the culture in God's image, I will be able to die knowing I did my part. Anyways, she assures me she's getting something with the Warning double unicorn design below next, so expect more pics in the future!
Click this for more Untamed apparel and merch
By the way, if you have some of my teeshirts or whatever, take some pics and send 'em my way and I'll post 'em all up on the internets!

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