New print- "Was It Good For You? #2" by Samax Amen


A long time ago, I conceived a series of illustrations called "Was It Good for You?" that never quite got off the ground. I used a version of the first piece as the cover to the first issue of my magazine, but this piece never got past this pencil sketch.
For some reason, I decided to ink it and add some color to it today. I was always very nervous about inking this piece, but I just did it on my cintiq, so there wasn't any anxiety about screwing it up. Even though the ink and color process are digital, this one has a more traditional feel to it than the first one.
I'm definitely gonna have some of these on hand for my next art show (whenever that is). Maybe that series will eventually see the light of day after all...
 You can cop a print for twenty bucks plus shipping by clicking on the paypal button below.


Anyways, I hope you like it!
Peace, love, etc

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