Finally made prints of that Adam & Eve painting...

Adam & Eve by Samax Amen (acrylic on canvas)

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Here's the summary... God creates Adam, but concludes that "it is not good for the man (Adam) to be alone..." For the first time in creation, God is dissatisfied. However, we see God's patience and respect for Adam, in that He doesn't address the problem immediately. What does He do?

He gives Adam a job: He must catalog and name all the animals. As Adam goes about this gargantuan task, he notices something: While the other creatures in the garden pair for mating, "no suitable mate could be found for him..."
He was on his own. No bueno.

Now, God and Adam are on the same page! Only then does God put Adam to sleep and get to the business of creating his mate.

So this piece captures that fateful moment, just as Adam is waking up...
The original painting was made with acrylic on canvas. I originally painted this as a commission for my friend Jennifer, who I believe bought it as a gift for our friend Mike. As everyone knows, I love drawing girls with afros and talking about Bible stories. So given a chance to paint anything I wanted, this is what I did for Jennifer.
Anyways, I don't think Mike wants to part with this painting, but you can still choose the print you want on the dropdown menu below, then hit the add to cart button.

Prices include domestic shipping

Comments, coversation and questions are always welcome!

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