A few notes about this watercolor painting "Samson: Bachelor Party" by Samax Amen

Bachelor Party by Samax Amen

This painting is part of a series of watercolors about the Old Testament action hero Samson, best known for his flowing locks, superhuman strength and bad judgement when it comes to the ladies. In this case, he gets engaged to a girl who is from an enemy tribe in Timnah. As is the custom, he has to give a riddle to the bride's family and friends... if they solve it, he owes them a grip!

The girl begs Samson to tell her the answer. He does (idiot!), and she turns around and gives it to the fam (heifer!).

Now Samson is in debt to them, so he does what any God-fearing groom would do... he goes to a neighboring town, kills a buncha guys form another enemy tribe and jacks 'em for their loot to pay his creditors (See? Easy! AND his credit report stays clean!).  

Of course, now he's mad, so he bounces before the wedding...
It really IS hard to find the right woman...

This piece is 30 inches tall and 24 inches wide, watercolor and some collage on heavy watercolor paper. The typed text is from the original Biblical book of Judges (chapter 14), where this story takes place. I also wrote some dialogue from Samson and his unsuspecting victims on the piece for good measure, so even my artsy fartsy paintings are just big comic panels.

Anyway, this painting is on sale now for $100, which includes shipping. Email me if you're interested!



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