Some of my best caricatures ever?


Hey fam,

I took my Art Party gear on the road again this weekend, this time for two caricature engagements.

Friday I worked a Valentine's Day Party at Central Presbyterian Church in Woodway,TX

My sister Carla helped me book the Valentine's Day party, so she got a free caricature! 

Click the photo to enlarge the drawing.

Here's some more caricatures from the party:

The first couple shown here has FIVE DOGS at home, including three that they're temporarily fostering for friends.  That's a lot of dog hair around the house!

Next we have a mother and son.  He's a site manager at a golf course (but not much of a golfer, according to him).  His mom is a retired teacher.  Talking to her, it's clear that she loves teaching, but had enough of the bureaucracy. 

Next we have a math professor and his eleven year old daughter.  He was probably my favorite person to draw of the night.

The couple in red are newlyweds.  A college administrator and an elementary school art teacher.

This nice lady was the church secretary, and this couple are the co-pastors of the church.

That's it for now. 

Tomorrow I'll send you the photos from the store opening in Fair Park.

Got a party coming up?
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Hope to hear from you soon,
-Samax ("some AX")
Samax Amen at Clay Pot - Hella Good Tee
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