it's starting to get REAL!

yo... i'm working hard these days, tryn'a wrap up this graphic novel asap. here's a panel from page 67. the client is really wanting me to go as fast as possible, but the story is so well written that i find myself wanting to do it justice... what a dilemna to be in, huh? so i'm cutting corners where ever i can, but it's getting to a really juicy place in the script! ah, what's a boy to do?
anyways, just wanted to check in with you (yeah YOU!) and keep you in the know...


Troy said...

I really dig this "no lines"-thing that you're doing. It looks good, man.

Samax said...

thanks fam! some people have been disappointed with it (prefer my hand-drawn style over the photoshop style), so every compliment means a lot to me!

i can draw and color fast this way, and use computer tricks more effectively.

glad you're digging it!

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