Saturday Night Fever

one of the downsides of being a freelancer is that you don't get sick days, so i've been drawing through my flu-like symptoms (which my doctor insures me are not Swine-Related) as much as possible, trying to knock out more pages and get to bed. i do take breaks to play with my daughter, watch teevee, read comics (and write reviews like this Kill Bill joint) etc. anyways, i made mad progress today, so yay me! So here's a couple panels from the comic i'm working on now. i'm about 2/3 finished with it, and completing pages much faster than when i started. as much as i appreciate the assignment (and the money!), i'll breath a big fat sigh of relief when it's done. it looks like i will be getting more work after this from the client, so i'm excited about the light i see at the end of this tunnel. oh well, i hope everyone had a good saturday! now i gotta get back to my orange juice and drawing board...

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