Saturday at 2pm is the ribbon-cutting for the Art Park Statues, one of which was painted by me. i will most definitely get more pictures of my piece (much thanks to dude Pat Favors who was cool enough to take this one of me working on it). if you're in Dallas tomorrow afternoon, drop by. i'll take some time away from my drawing table (gasp!) to attend, so you can kick it with me and the other artists at N. Good Latimer and Commerce!
in fact, there's a ton of artsy festivities in Deep Ellum tomorrow. my peoples from ArtLoveMagic are helping kick off the opening of the Deep Ellum DART rail station just down Good Latimer at Gaston. click the flier above for the 4 eleven.
it's been very hectic lately... if you didn't already know, my work on my blog/magazine ghettoManga landed me on the cover of one of the local newspapers, i spent several days traveling to downtown Dallas to complete this Art Park painting, and my daughter Marley celebrated her first birthday this week (09.09.09... photos coming soon)! and that's to say nothing of the freelance projects i'm working on! things are going great, and I am very thankful, if a little exhausted. for those who attend tomorrow, i'll see you there... otherwise, i'll catch up to you on the internet!
peace, love, etc.

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