Mister Me Too!

Taskmaster (about 40 minuntes) by Samax Amen.
The Daily Sketch Challenge assignment for today was the Marvel comics villain Taskmaster. Taskmaster is a freelance mercenary with the special ability to instantly duplicate any physical skill he witnesses. He can't copy superpowers (like Spiderman's wall crawling powers or super strength) but he can copy specialized skills like martial arts training and sword fighting, as a result, he is skilled at every known form of armed and unarmed combat. He can also copy any otherwise unique fighting style (like Captain America or Wolverine) and is able to predict most opponents moves before they make them.

Taskmaster is obviously a fearsome combatant, but makes most of his paper training super-villain henchmen (they tend to go through a lot of them). He has also been known to work for the government as one of the "good guys" if the money's right. Taskmaster doesn't appear to have any ideology except the Wu-tang credo "Cash Rules Everything Around Me"...
anyways, I didn't quite make the 30 minute mark with this one, but still consider it successful! Hope you enjoy it! for more of my Daily Sketch joints, click here.


Nathanael Lark said...

Nice! I love your use of negative space and the white cape breaking the border. I also really dig your angular approach. Man, this is just good ol' fashioned fun to look at. Nice work!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind words. I appreciate that!

samax said...

thanks Nathanael! You have a great blog. you'll see me around...

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