new Sketch- The Watcher

Uatu, The Watcher (detail. full drawing below. 30 minutes)

hope you're having a good day... here's a picture I drew monday morning of the Marvel Comics character Uatu the Watcher.  The Watchers are a race of super-powerful immortals who observe the development of the universe and its myriad lifeforms and worlds. Assigned a sector of space to observe, Watchers are sworn never to interfere in the affairs of lesser beings or even make themselves known. Uatu is fairly bad at that aspect of the job, having stuck his nose into human history often enough that the super hero community is on a first name basis with him! Over the centuries of observing Earth's denizens from his base on the moon (he can dwell invisibly among us too), Uatu has become attached to the human race, so that when sufficient threats come, he will help Earth's heroes (mostly the Fantastic Four of Avengers) out on the low.
I was falling asleep when I drew this, so I'm pleased that it turned out okay! About 25 minutes of drawing with the brush pens and a few minutes of cleanup in Photoshop. about 30 minutes in all... with the brush pens I can produce a more traditional comicbook style than the PS art I've grown fond of, but it's a slower process...
To peep more brush pen drawings here, click here.


Cal Slayton said...

Been loving all this new stuff. Keep it up!

Samax said...

Thanks, Cal!

J.R. LeMar said...

I always figured that guy was a big pervert.

Samax said...


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