Make it Rough...

Good morning (or whatever time it is for YOU when you read this),
I'm in deadline delivery mode right now, but I figured I'd post this so you could see what the roughs look like on Herman Heed. As you can see, the roughs are very, very rough! lol...
when this is rendered for the page, each item will be on its own layer, as will the characters, so I can move them around if I feel like it, or copy them to other panels. This scene, from page 20 is important enough to earn special attention. There is a great "aha" moment on this page that matters in the story!

Unless it's your first time here, you probably already know I can do detailed pencil drawings, but for the purposes of this project, I don't see the point, since I will be doing all the art on it and need to work fast. Unless the client requires otherwise, this is as specific as my pencils get when I do full digital art. I will post the full color panel art later on today so you can compare...

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