New Dare drawing

Dare is Chillin'... by Samax Amen

My long-time fans may remember my character, the teenage adventurer Darius Davidson, from his appearances in the Champion of Children, Underground Artistry and GhostWerks Comics anthologies. I've been trying to get a Dare collection together for some time so my new fans can get acquainted with the youngster. No movement on that, but there's a new Dare short in the works that will be on the web soon. This drawing is part of a page I'm reworking from that story. Just thought I'd share it with you guys...
Anyways, if you want to read a story where Dare saves a bickering married couple from an insane bomber by beating up a couple of really mean mute brothers with killer dogs (but you don't wanna wait on my mythical TPB), Ten Minutes and Counting is in the anthology GhostWerksComics #1 which is still on sale here.


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