New Flyer Design-

The lovely, gracious, and talented Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion if you're nasty) commissioned me a long time ago to make a flyer for the mighty FuseBox Radio Show. In fact, this was my second job for Fusion, who had commissioned me to do that mock Ghostbusters joint which you may remember (if not, click here). This time, I didn't focus as much on the likeness, and I cast them as crime busters instead of Ghostbusters...

Black Radio is Back dot Com by Samax Amen
Like I said, I really wanted to use the piece to evoke the comics I grew up reading in the seventies and eighties (yes, I'm old). It took a (long) while to figure out the best way to do that, but once I figured out what I wanted to do, the piece fell together quickly enough. If Fusion is crazy nice enough to hire me again, I promise in front of my massive (chuckle) readership not to take so long again! Now, I got plenty more work to do, so...

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