SOLD! "My Hair Has Never Been Cut" by @SamaxAmen

Here's a close-up photo of Old Testament action hero Samson from my painting My Hair Has Never Been Cut (peep the full piece below). Shout out to my friend Amanda, who agreed to buy the painting (without even seeing it) based on the description "featuring Samson lounging at the crib with the original Femme Fatale, Delilah."...

I painted this piece, a 36" x 24" watercolor on elephant paper, waaay back in 1999 as part of a series of watercolors about my favorite Old Testament action hero, Samson, best known for his flowing locks, superhuman strength, and bad judgement when it comes to the ladies.  This piece has always been very popular at shows, starting conversations and sometimes leading to commissions, but no one ever came close to buying it, so I'm pumped that Amanda wanted it enough to put cash down for it. She's out of the country at the moment, so maybe I can squeeze in one more show with this piece before she comes to pick it up at the end of May. Click here to see the other pieces in the series, which are still available!

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