champBackers caricature #10 J.R. LeMar

 Drew another ChampBackers caricature today. This one is of my internet friend, comicbook writer, and blogger J.R. LeMar.

J.R. LeMar by Samax Amen
I've known J.R. LeMar since the so-called MySpace Era. Maybe before that. Like many other black comic book nerds enthusiasts, we have lurked on many of the same message boards and read many of the same comics. J.R. has purchased several commissions from me, left comments on my blog, written reviews of some of my work and subscribed to my magazine. He was also one of the first thirty backers of Champion of Children on Kickstarter, earning himself this free caricature. I drew this with an old-fashioned wooden #2 pencil from Office Depot, and cleaned it up a little with Photoshop.

You can check out J.R.'s writing over at 

Click here to see more of the ChampBackers Caricatures. Ten down, twenty more to go!


J.R. LeMar said...


J.R. LeMar said...

Dang, I need to start updating that blog. Either that or change the name to :(
Guess I'll be in this weekend.

Samax said...

Glad you like it fam!

Samax said...

LOL! Yeah, write some book reviews!

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