Because you care, here's My Top performing Images for the last quarter...

For the first time in a while, my dog ISN'T the top selling image of all the designs I have on Cafe Press. There's a three-way tie for the top spot in units sold, and those images are listed below. Honorable mention goes to Iron Mike, which moved a lot less units than the images below, and yet accounts for almost as much loot, because the items it sold on had higher mark-up on average. Thanks Champ! Anyways, these are my highest selling images (both in the Ziontific shop and in the CP Marketplace) over the last 90 days...

Make Hoops, Not War by Samax Amen
I made Make Hoops, Not War as part of a series of images addressing the notion of patriotism and nationalism in the United States. This image got a big shot in the arm in the late summer, maybe boosted by the spike in sports-themed patriotism that always accompanies the Olympic games.
Daydreamer by Samax Amen
Daydreamer is still my most popular image of all time. I created this image in the late nineties, and have been selling postcards, greeting cards and posters ever since. The 11 x 17 print still sells well (for around $20) at my art shows, but it had fallen out of favor with my internet customers for some reason. Good to see this old reliable piece reasserting its dominance!
Couple of the Year by Samax Amen
I drew the sketch that Couple of the Year is based on at the mall people watching. It's based on a real couple that I foulnd equally adorable and easy to draw. This piece is actually the first piece I ever created with Adobe Illustrator. I used to print cards with Couple of the Year, but no one ever bought them, so I started giving them to people who liked them. Recently the image has found some traction on coffee mugs, hence the spot on this list. Hopefully it's a permanent surge, and this piece is finding it's audience.
Time will tell...


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