Special Shout Out...

Gotta drop a special shout out to my fellow artist Harold Word, who wore one of my True and Living shirts to work and had mad ladies asking where they could get one!
True and Living (Blue) Men's Tee
I met Word back at the University of North Texas where we were in a fashion illustration class. Word has always been supportive of my art hustle ever since, and I really appreciate that!
Old pic of me in my True and Living hoodie...

This design is one of my more popular ones, and one of my favorites (I got it on a hoodie, that will come out the closet again once the temperature gets just a little bit cooler). It's funny, because it was just a doodle I drew with a cheap ballpoint pen on the back of a memo or something at work. Now it's one of my most popular pieces.
Anyways, if you wanna be cool like Word and the discerning ladies at his job, just click here to order a shirt from the Ziontific shop. Look around for more styles and designs... If you buy something, take a pic and send it to me and I'll post it on the blog.

Before I go, just wanna say thanks again, Word! You're the man...


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