30 minute sketch "Major Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)" by Samax Amen

So, I've been doing the Daily Sketch Challenge to warm up, since I'm working on lots of secret drawing projects with nondisclosure agreements, and I don't want people to die from not seeing new art from me frequently. Yeah, I'm looking out for YOU!
So anyways, Tuesday's topic Major Kusanagi from Shirow's classic joint Ghost in the Shell. I generally skip the anime/manga assignments, because I'm totally not an anime-style artist, but I figured it was faster to just do my 30 minutes on this than to waste time trying to find something else to draw.

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Anyways, the more I look at this drawing, the less I like it, which is not normal for me. But I did enjoy drawing it, and it really loosened me up drawing-wise! So mission accomplished!

Peace, fam...



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