30 Minute Sketches- "Constantine" and "Kid Loki" by Samax Amen

Here's a couple 30 minute sketches I did for the Daily Sketch Challenge.
Constantine (above) was the Sketch Challenge last Friday, before deadlines and a stomach virus knocked me off the DSC bandwagon. For those unfamiliar John Constantine is a chain-smoking magician and antihero from Vertigo's recently cancelled Hellblazer comics. Even though he is blonde and British (modeled after Sting), they chose the obviously not blonde or British Keanu Reeves to play him in the movie Constantine.

 Apparently, the norse god Loki (archenemy and half-brother of Thor) is a kid now, and trying to be a good guy now? Yeah, so I did this one on Friday after returning from being sick and squeezed by deadlines.
Not necessarily unhappy with it for what it is, but not fired up about it either... Let me know what you think if you want...
Anyways, have a nice day!

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