My drawing of STEEL made Comics Alliance's BEST ART EVER (This Week) List! (((airhorn)))

On Friday my friend Mike Hawthorne pointed out to me that the illustration I drew of Steel made Comics Alliance's BEST ART EVER (This Week) List, which was celebrating the 75th Birthday of Superman.

Before you ask:
No, I don't know anybody at Comics Alliance. Also, no I didn't enter the piece into a contest or anything. I guess maybe they did a Google image search or something?  It's also totally possible that one of their bloggers reads GhettoManga, follows me on Twitter, or watches me on DeviantArt or one of the other million places I bombard people with art and rambling on the internet...
Whatever the case, it's very encouraging to be recognized. Hopefully, some of the fine folks at DC were impressed too, and decide to hire me to draw some covers or something. That would be VERY cool...
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the drawing! Click here to see all the great pieces that made the list.

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